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(With a focus on financial services)

Finance is a core pillar of knowledge for individuals in all areas of business. Knowledge of finance and profitability enables employees to improve the performance of their area and enhance their careers. Unfortunately, Finance is often a confusing area to those who do not use it on a daily basis. This fact is even more prevalent in a financial institution where many employees feel that they should have at minimum a basic understanding of their organization's business.

This workshop is geared toward busy non-financial professionals within financial services who are looking to enhance their financial knowledge. At the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Read and understand financial reports
  • Interpret their organization’s financial results
  • Understand the implications of various financial terms used to describe performance
  • Understand how Executives may analyze financial information to assess performance
  • Understand the quantitative analysis behind decisions
  • Communicate more effectively with the Finance department and key decision-makers
  • Use financial analysis to support decisions and obtain buy-in on key proposals
  • Understand and participate in the budgeting/forecasting process more effectively

As a result of the above learning outcomes, participants should find that their financial knowledge provides them with additional insight that ultimately will increase their career growth and potential.

Topics covered

  • Overview of basic financial concepts
  • Key financial statements
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Reviewing financial reports – how to interpret financial results
  • Vertical and Horizontal analysis
  • Key financial ratios and performance measures
  • Key points for the financial services industry
  • Costing
  • Interest rates and yield curves
  • Payback Periods
  • Net Present Value (NPV)
  • Internal Rates of Return (IRR)
  • Budgeting, forecasting and analysis
  • Key aspects about budgeting
  • How to maximize the chances of having your budget accepted

Workshop format

This workshop is highly interactive. Participants will with exercises to learn through doing. It is highly recommended that participants bring a calculator with them to obtain maximum benefit.

Who will benefit

The workshop will be beneficial to analysts, managers, senior managers, and directors in non-financial roles who are looking to enhance their knowledge of finance. It will also be useful for individuals who are responsible for managing a cost centre, preparing budgets, and/or preparing business cases. Finally, it is also helpful to financial individuals who do not have much experience in the financial services industry as there are many unique nuances related to the industry.

Price: $1,499


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