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“Karine was a great speaker. She really understands the material and can explain it in everyday language. I’d recommend this course to everyone wanting to understand IFRS. She didn’t preach to us, she helped us learn it!”

Jennifer Kendall, HB Group Insurance Management

“Speaker was very knowledgeable: answered questions well, used practical examples that all attendees could relate to.”

Michelle Brown, Farm Safety Association

“Very good seminar; enjoyed it a great deal. The speaker brought it down to a level we could all relate to at a personal and purchasing level.”

Undisclosed participant, October 16, 2008

“I learnt more in this one-day session given by Knowledge Plus than by three other IFRS sessions I’ve attended from other organizations.”

Lisa Narayansingh, Manager of Finance,
Waterloo North Hydro

“I searched for a long time for an appropriate course, and I am very happy that I chose this one. This course represented great value for the money – it was enjoyable, and an extremely valuable learning experience. Hopefully, I will be able to attend additional courses. Karine was an effective workshop leader, and I was really impressed with her knowledge level.”

Tracy Albert, Controller

“I would simply like to point out that I usually don’t tick “very satisfied” for every portion of a course. I am very impressed with every aspect of the course.”

Rachelle Richard, Financial Services Officer

“Excellent course to understand the background of IFRS vs. Canadian GAAP. I would highly recommend to anybody who look forward to implementing the IFRS in the near future.”

Vani Visva, Family Service Toronto

“I liked the practical examples. The speaker clarified material, answered questions one didn’t even think of; more in depth than many IFRS presentations. Questions were welcomed and answered well.”

Sandra Sofia Fernandes,
Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd.

“I was very impressed with presenter and the manner the information was presented. Topics flowed logically and each related well to previous information making most of the information easy to understand.”

Debbie Parr, Northen Lights Credit Union

“Very interesting. Speaker was very knowledgeable and made what could easily have been a very dry subject interesting. This was my first exposure to IFRS and I feel I have a bit more tools to work with now.”

Stephane Masee, CMA

“The material was made as interesting as could be. Compared to other IFRS courses/seminars, this one was informative, well-focused, and provided me with the best overview yet. The speaker knew her material and kept it very interesting. I will recommend this course to other professionals that I know. It really helped me to understand IFRS in general and how it impacts my business. Thank you!”

Elana Terry, Controller
EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.

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