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How profitable is your organization? Where is your company making its money?

In most organizations, 80% of profits come from about 20% of the sales. The key to improving profitability or to turn an unprofitable situation into a profitable one is to understand the drivers of profitability and how to leverage on those core products or customers. Too often financial professionals are so occupied with the daily realities of reporting results that they don’t take the time to analyze them and improve them.

In this interactive seminar, learn how to contribute directly to your organization’s bottom line by analyzing profitability by product, customer, segment, or geographical region. Learn how to identify the main drivers of profitability and the parts of the business that need to be changed. Any professional who can contribute directly to an organization’s bottom line will in turn expand their career opportunities and growth.

Topics covered

  • Basic Functions of Finance
  • Sources of Profitability
  • The Four Cost Components
  • Overhead Rates
  • Activity-Based Costing
  • Performance Indicators
  • Different Sources of Profitability
  • Operating Leverage
  • Profitability Reporting

Workshop format

This workshop is highly interactive. The participants will learn effective costing and profitability techniques by going through examples and working on exercises. It is highly recommended that participants bring a calculator with them to obtain maximum benefit.

Who will benefit

The workshop will be of a benefit to business managers who need to have a clear understanding of costs and profits that their products and services generate. Decision makers and financial analysts will be able to analyze the profits and costs from production or service provided.

Price: $649

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