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Accounting for financial instruments is one of the most complex topics in accounting, regardless of whether one is looking at IFRS, GAAP or PE GAAP (ASPE). The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) is in the process of modifying accounting for financial instruments. This course will help you improve your understanding and confidence when accounting for financial instruments. It will also cover recent IFRS changes such as IFRS 9 and some of the upcoming changes expected to be announced regarding financial instruments.

This course is intended for accountants working within the financial services industry or others who work with financial instruments and want to improve their knowledge of accounting under IFRS.

At the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Increase their confidence and readiness for dealing with IFRS
  • Understand the similarities between IFRS and Canadian GAAP
  • Learn the main differences between IFRS and Canadian GAAP
  • Feel comfortable with the journal entries required under IFRS
  • Know where to look for more information on IFRS as it becomes available

Topics covered

  • Overview of financial instruments and definitions
  • Cash
  • Investments
    • Amortized cost
    • Fair value through P&L
    • Fair value through OCI
    • IAS 39 and IFRS 9
  • Loans and receivables
  • Securitization and Derecognition
  • Impairments
    • Incurred cost model
    • Expected cost model
    • Fair value model
  • Derivatives
    • Regular accounting
    • Hedge accounting
    • Additional – convertibles, hybrids, stock options
  • Where to stay updated and get more information

Workshop format

This workshop is highly interactive. Participants will learn the international financial reporting standards by working through exercises and examples which compare journal entries.

Who will benefit

This course is intended for individuals working within the financial services industry or others who deal with financial instruments. It is designed for financial professionals who are familiar with GAAP for this industry. It will also benefit accountants who are newly involved with financial instruments but who have not worked with them for some time.

Price: $649


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